We Work With The Land To Create GREEN, More Energy Efficient Custom Homes

At GIS we are experts at creating homes with both low environmental impact and certified GREEN energy efficiency. These principles are not just for the environmentally conscious among us but are ideal for financially-savvy custom homeowners, as well. Our commitment to these building principles helps preserve the natural environment around your new home and keeps your energy bills low.

Here in the Seattle area, we are especially focused on creating buildings that allow homeowners to enjoy their natural surroundings. Our Green building methods employ a holistic approach, seeking to maximize resources without imposing unnecessarily on the land. We consider the impact your custom home will have on the environment and the community around it. Since homes and buildings account for a large amount of land, energy, and water use, we focus on Green building as a means of reducing our overall environmental imprint.


  • Waste reduction
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Reduced localized flooding
  • Conservation of water
  • Low utility bills
  • Improved health of the homeowner
  • Preservation of the natural environment
  • Increased recreation and Exercise opportunities

The Positive Impact Of GREEN Building On Your Health

Whenever possible we choose to use non-toxic materials in construction to help improve indoor air quality. Most GREEN building materials are engineered to maintain “good air” inside a home. This is beneficial because it reduces the likelihood of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. GREEN building materials are also emission-free and have very little to no VOC (Volatile organic compound) content. They need to be moisture-resistant in order to prevent molds from growing inside the house. Since Seattle has such a wet climate, we can improve Indoor air quality through ventilation systems and by using construction materials that control humidity and allow a building to breathe.

Our Team Uses GREEN Building Requires Specific Designs, Building Methods, And Technologies

Green Building requires engineers, architects, and builders to integrate their areas of expertise. As certified GREEN builders we employ practices and use materials and product technologies that make conscientious use of resources. This combination of methods and materials makes use of environmentally-sound materials, preserves energy, reduces environmental impact, and fosters both the health of residents and surrounding wildlife.

The Advantages Found In GIS International’s Belief In Green Principles Works To Make Your Home Exterior, Interior, And Operations More Environmentally Responsible

GREEN building principles apply to both the building and the functioning of your custom home. This means that we look to improve your design, construction, living, operation, maintenance, and removal/disposal of waste materials.

GREEN Building Advantages For Energy Usage

The cost of energy is significant for Seattle-area households.  To achieve the reduced energy usage associated with GREEN building, we select the following materials for our custom homes:

  • High levels of insulation
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Energy-efficient doors
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Low-energy consumption appliances
  • Renewable-energy technologies as appropriate and desired
  • Optimized home designs that will retain heat throughout colder months

Increased efficiency resulting from new GREEN technology and design can dramatically reduce operation costs associated with heating, electricity, and water in your new home.

Efficient Water Use

Just as with energy use, GIS works to create a house that effectively reduces water consumption. We suggest options for incorporating water-efficient appliances into kitchens and bathrooms, offering spray taps and low-flush toilets.  You can take advantage of recycling water around your custom home by means of rainwater harvesting systems.  We also work to develop your site in a way that reduces localized flooding, which can carry pollution into water sources and cause erosion.

Solar Potential

For those interested in solar power, we can provide solar energy systems. While the Seattle area and climate are not necessarily the ideal location for solar power, it is a green energy source that can help optimize low-impact living, especially when used in conjunction with other green living technologies.

Want An Energy-Efficient, Low Impact Planning Session?

Contact GIS International and schedule a time for us to review your plan. We can help you optimize those plans to include ways to make your building and your daily living more environmentally responsible and energy efficient.

GIS Offers A Rare Combination Of Services
That Are Ideal For Custom Home Builders

GIS has grown up in this industry – three generations and counting – and have proven ourselves on projects both locally and internationally. We possess the experience and ability to seamlessly integrate the various phases of the construction process and successfully transform an idea into a reality.

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