Accurate Budgeting Sets The Tone For The Planning And Development Of Your Custom Built Home

Proper Budgeting Gives Us The Freedom To Put The Investment Where You Want It

There is a critical relationship that exists between the careful budgeting of a construction project and the level of satisfaction you have at the end.

A Poorly Planned Custom Home Project:


  • Will lack sufficient controls – especially at the beginning of a project
  • Will not carefully plan and draw the project, so there is a lot of “audibles” that require project managers to make significant changes on the fly – raising prices
  • Does not have money left in the budget for finishing materials and the items you really wanted like your upgraded light fixtures, windows, or maybe a built-in sauna
  • Require you to cut some of your favorite characteristics of your custom home project because you overspent in the beginning

A Well-Planned Custom Home Project:


  • Controls the project through the budget, without overspending on initial steps of the project
  • Understands the need to portion out the overall budget in order to adequately pay for materials, equipment, and labor along the way
  • Allows you to maintain controls on the budget so that work orders and changes do not devour the funds you’ve set aside for your favorite features of your new home

During The Custom Home Building Process, We Consider Budgeting One Of Our Greatest Planning Tools – Not Just Something That Is For Accountants And Bookkeepers To Worry About

For generations we’ve built homes and buildings that reach over 1 billion in budgeted funds. We know how to work with the vendors, laborers, material suppliers, and other professionals to help you keep the lid on the costs and push the investment dollars toward the things that you value most.

If you are looking to maximize your budget with a steady and experienced team that can help control your expenditures and wisely allocate your funds throughout the duration of the building process, you can trust the GIS International Team

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Three Problems GIS International Fixes With Accurate Budgeting During The Planning And Development Of Your Custom Home:

  1. Too Many Hassles: Usually you’ll spend countless hours studying the rules about how to properly account for your expenses, and you never feel like you have a handle on it. Our building process and building software sets easy controls in place and helps you easily account for expenditures.
  2. Late Project Shortages: If you plan wisely, then each dollar goes toward achieving your goal.
  3. Not being able to see the status of your budget at any given moment: our detailed, super-transparent budgeting practices maintain line-item, cost-per unit transparency to allow you to see the status of your budget, day by day.

Don’t Even Think About Building A Custom Home Until You’ve Gone Through A Budget Planning Meeting With Your GIS International Project Team

You’ll learn how to protect your budget from the familiar dangers of budget overruns, and you will also learn how to take control over your entire project through astute use of your budgeting tools. Learn to make the entire process easy, fast, and predictable. Learn how to cut costs or make things more efficient right now so that you don’t end up wondering where your money went later on when you really need it to be there.

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