Seattle Real Estate Developers Trust GIS For The Building And Construction Of Their Multi-Family Structures

We offer a unique combination of skills that integrates our knowledge of property acquisition, site development and building structures that can maximize value. We pride ourselves on being efficient from start to finish. Our projects range from traditional multi-residential structures to highly complex towers, including innovative buildings with unique attributes and features.

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Choosing GIS For The Building And Construction Of Multi-Family Structures Helps You Avoid Problems

Our thorough building system helps you avoid common problems, such as:

  • Incomplete plans (Extremely common!).
  • Insufficient due diligence.
  • Budgeting miscalculations or inaccuracies.
  • Inaccurate scheduling.
  • Improper foundation planning.
  • Material selection and logistics errors.
  • Inadequate scopes from subcontractors.

When you choose GIS to execute your project, you end up with a building process that works seamlessly from preparing the site, to administering drawings, to the erection of the building. Our involvement reduces or eliminates mistakes, and helps your project stay on budget.

We work quickly and efficiently, but we don’t rush or skip steps. When we invest an additional dollar in preparation it can literally save tens of thousands and massive delays later on in the build. Our detail-oriented preparation work helps ensure that there will be no surprises that could derail your project later on.

custom built homes

Seattle Area Multi-Family Projects Require A Custom Home Builder Willing To Go Above And Beyond

Every day we see multi-family residential buildings that should have been planned and built differently. While other builders continue to use technologies of the past, our team employs the latest technical knowledge and expertise to create structures that are sturdier, more efficient, and more durable. This knowledge impacts the planning stages and extends to the build site, and our team works hand-in-hand with contractors to ensure the building progresses as planned.

Invite A GIS Expert To Discuss The Building And Construction Of Your Multi-Family Structure

If you are anticipating building or if you have already started the preconstruction process, you can benefit from a discussion with GIS International. We can meet on-site or someplace convenient for you. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your project and you will quickly see why we say a little more careful planning can save you from headaches and budget overruns down the road.

Request A FREE Site Visit From A GIS Expert

If you are considering developing a site in the Seattle area and would like the opinion of an experienced professional, click the “Free Site Visit” button and we will schedule a time to meet with you.