At GIS International We Manage The Control Of Process For Your Custom Built Home To Ensure That The Budget, Scheduling, And Day-To-Day Building Activities Run Smoothly

The GIS International custom construction process is our unique approach to every project, the methods and philosophies we live by, and the systems we have in place. The construction management process is essential to the outcome of your custom home. GIS International is known for our detailed preparation process. Without our checks and balances along the way, your project can get off target and the end result will be compromised.

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Even The Greatest Custom Home Plans Can Go Awry When You Don’t Have Sufficient Process Controls In Place

One of the most exciting aspects of custom homes is that you’re in control the building process every step of the way. That means that your decisions get into the construction process, from the initial due diligence, to planning, interior build out and finish work. The interior and exterior building represent your personal preferences and decisions.

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Our Total Involvement In Your Project – From Development, To Planning, Drawing, And Building – Makes Us Uniquely Able to Manage The Control Of Process For Your Custom Built Home

Since we are involved in the preparation then we know the building plans inside and out. Due to our experience in both development and construction we take a special interest in understanding ‘The Why’ behind your layout and material decisions. We intimately know want for your new home or building, including the layout design and the materials you want for your lifestyle, including the cabinets, flooring, plumbing and electrical fixtures, windows, walls, paint, and appliances.

It is common for building site managers to leave the hourly work up to their laborers, and for them to show up every week or two to check in on the project. That’s not what you get with GIS.

Multiple Systems Allow Us To Oversee Your Custom Built Home Project And Maintain The Integrity Of The Construction Process

At GIS International, our project managers are onsite regularly, and keenly aware of the daily goings on at the jobsite. In addition, our unique project controls involve both budget constraints and an overlapping oversight from a scheduling and process standpoint. This triple-point control system (boots on the ground oversight, budget controls, and scheduling) help us keep our hand on the pulse and know precisely what is occurring on each jobsite on any given day. Nobody can prevent all errors or mistakes, but our internal control methods allow us to prevent most of them, and quickly fix anything that needs attention.

Trust GIS To Help With All Aspects Of Your Custom Project – Even Deciding Where To Build

Trying to decide where to build? GIS is unique among custom builders in that we also have real estate brokers as part of our team. Choosing where to build requires many decisions. Which neighborhood is best for you? What size lot do you need in order to build the house you’re picturing? Do you want a spectacular view? Our realtors can help you sort through all these considerations. Then, when you find a potential site, GIS will perform a thorough feasibility study. Taking into account governmental and deed restrictions, this study determines if a particular lot is ideal for your dream home.

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GIS Offers A Rare Combination Of Services
That Are Ideal For Custom Home Builders

GIS has grown up in this industry – three generations and counting – and have proven ourselves on projects both locally and internationally. We possess the experience and ability to seamlessly integrate the various phases of the construction process and successfully transform an idea into a reality.

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