Our Precise Designs Provide A Working Plan For Building Your Custom Home

A detailed drawing and comprehensive design can make the difference between an inefficient and costly home build and a building project that is on time and within budget. Our custom home drawings require far less guesswork, money, and labor than those offered by other builders. The proof is in the end result – a custom home that is uniquely yours.

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A Custom Home Drawing That Is Not Build-Ready Can Cost You More Money

Drawings we work with include all the details required to achieve a finished building that is consistent with the actual plan. At GIS, we have authoritative knowledge of building processes, materials, workflows, technology, and production. When those elements are omitted, your drawings have to be revised. Missing or overlooked information translates into mistakes, scheduling delays, re-works, and expensive work orders. Over several decades, we have demonstrated an ability to avoid the pitfalls of mediocre drawings by delivering top-tier custom homes to satisfied clients.

We Create Drawings That Are Both Beautiful And Build-Ready

Builders and homeowners are looking for different things from a drawing. A homeowner wants to see things like the floorplan, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and how the kitchen is laid out. Naturally, they envision how their home will look when it’s finished. A builder, however, considers specific details, processes, materials, and technologies needed to complete the project. The drawing has to include these elements – it has to be more than just a pretty picture. In the design-build industry, most drawings are sufficient for custom home buyers but lack the necessary information for builders.

custom built homes

GIS Integrates Both Design And Build Phases To Achieve The Overall Vision For Your Custom Built Home

The team at GIS International offers design and building services, providing seamless coordination between the two disciplines. From the time a foundation is poured, throughout material selection, and right down to the final stroke of paint, we guarantee that the build remains consistent with the intent of your design. Our team routinely visits a build site, matching progress against the expertly prepared plans to ensure the finished product meets your expectations.

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We Offer An Advantage When It Comes To Materials Selection For Your Custom Home

Thorough design considers the materials needed for each element of a custom home. From the foundation to the roof, the drawings must incorporate these important details in order to create a workable (and aesthetically-pleasing) plan. Using the benefit of our industry experience, GIS can save time and money when choosing materials for your custom home. In addition, with sustainability as an end-goal, we can help you select materials that are both beautiful and more likely to stand the test of time.

Having GIS As A Buyer’s Representative Can Expedite Your Custom Build Project

One of the best decisions you can make as you select a developer and custom- or multi-family home builder is to choose a buyer’s representative. When GIS provides this service for a client, we are able to move quickly through the land development and site preparation phases to ensure your location is properly prepared. It gives us the needed authority to make your build site ready for the foundation and further construction. As a buyer’s representative GIS advocates for you during a painstaking and potentially stressful process. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having GIS on your side.