GIS International Assists In The Process Of Obtaining Entitlements And Approvals Necessary To Build On Your Property

The GIS International team works hand in hand with the appropriate governing and regulatory bodies as we assist in getting the legal authorization granted to build on your site. We work to obtain land entitlement, which requires a series of steps in obtaining approvals for our plans to develop and build on your property. These entitlements are required by law, and without them, a building project may not go forward. The municipality that governs your selected site has specific requirements and zoning regulations that must be met in order to receive their approval and the legal authorization to build

We Work With Governing Agents Until Your Land Is Fully Entitled, With All Necessary Approvals

The GIS professionals have years of experience performing the necessary tasks and completing the reports required for approvals. As we do so, we will work in order to receive the proper legal documents, making your property fully entitled. Legal authorization to build on your site means that we receive formal approval to build on the site according to the approved proposals. Municipalities dictate what can and what cannot be built within the various zones where they preside, and only they can grant the approvals for a particular parcel of land and provide approval for your intended property enhancements.

All Buildings Require Approval – And The Building Process Must Allign With The Proposed And Approved Plans

The approvals will include details such as the types of buildings that you intend to build (whether they be residential or commercial buildings) and the filings must include details regarding the planned sizes and scope of the buildings). It may also require specifications regarding planned access roads and parking.

Special Areas For Zoning, Approvals, And Entitlements That Can Benefit From GIS Expertise:

  • Protected native species or wild habitats
  • Protected wetlands
  • Protected forests and native foliage
  • Water regulations, stormwater runoff requirements
  • Proper authorizations to connect with local roads, electricity suppliers, sewer, etc.

There are potentially many more specific considerations that may be required to receive approval for through your local municipality. This process can be rigorous and time consuming, so call GIS and have our team help you through this process. We’ve been doing it for generations, and know how to get it done properly and efficiently.

Approvals May Require Special Recognition And Steps To Provide Adequate Protections For Native Species And Protected Wetlands

We specialize in working to protect the environment in our community and seek to use environmentally sustainable and responsible building plans and methods. GIS is known as an environmentally conscious builder and we recognize that environmentally responsible building makes financial sense, and also helps to maintain our local community.

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