Things To Consider When Selecting a Plot in the Seattle Area For Building Your Custom Home

Where Will You Build?

Get Insights on Land Selection From The GREEN Building Experts

Written especially for those thinking about doing a custom build in or around the Seattle area, this guide contains helpful information on how to choose the best lot for your new home.

Some Of The Seattle Area’s Best Plots Are Still Available –
To Those Who Are Working With The Right Builder.

In the Seattle area, builders typically use a standard foundation and drive pillars into the bedrock to stabilize the structure. However, these builders typically avoid some of the finest plots of land because difficult slopes or other environmental factors make their methods insufficient. Since the less-challenging lots seem to be preferred, many of Seattle’s finest home sites are still available.

We are not your typical custom-home builder. Constructing custom homes and multi-home units as well, our roots go back generations, and we’ve tackled some of the most difficult terrains in the country. Our expertise is in technologically-advanced, environmentally-sound building practices that open up a new world of possibilities for the next generation of custom homebuilders.

We combine these advanced building technologies with a unique ability to integrate the building process into the existing landscape. By doing so, we achieve an environmentally-responsible, ultra-efficient, GREEN building process that accentuates the natural surroundings and delivers on the finest, most luxurious options for homeowners.

When you are searching for land, you can look in areas that others have avoided – not because they aren’t ideal, but because building there may require methods that have historically been absent among Seattle’s builders. With both our technology and our ability to build on difficult slopes, challenging soil types, and environmentally-sensitive locations, we can open up areas to you that are so scenic and ideal, you will wonder why someone didn’t build there first.

We Can Build Where Your View Is So Amazing…
It’s Almost Like They Saved
The Best Spot For You

Our development considers feasibility, zoning, and environmental impact – well before these things can become a hinderance. Our drawings include all the details necessary to achieve an accurate building bid so as to eliminate significant cost changes once the project is underway.

We know that proper planning is crucial to accurate job costing and budgeting. Our Design-Build homes are the embodiment of efficient, structurally-sound, Green-integrated living. Our team immerses itself in each phase: selecting a site; environmental considerations and possibilities; development, drawing plans; and so on throughout the entire build process. We do all this by applying our core knowledge of building methods to transform an idea into a reality.

All our efforts are cohesive and work for your benefit; we possess a rare combination of experience and ability to seamlessly integrate the various phases of the build process. We have grown up in this industry – three generations and counting – and have over a hundred years of experience on projects both locally and around the world.