Building Custom Homes

After investing your hard-earned time and money, you don’t just want a “nice” finished home or building…You want a masterful design-build with all the advantages that can only come from experts who LIVE AND BREATHE custom building.

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As A Well-Established Custom Home Builder Skilled At Building On A Slope, We Achieve Efficiency And Discover Overlooked Possibilities

If you could see the overall potential we bring to your building project – from assisting you with property selection down to the last walk-through of a finished home – you would look no further. We can find beautiful sites discounted by other builders. With both the technology and ability to build on difficult slopes, challenging soil types, and environmentally-sensitive locations, GIS can show you places that are so scenic and ideal, you will wonder why someone didn’t build there first.

In The Custom Construction Industry, There Is Often A Disconnect Between Planning, Development, And Building

All phases of a custom home project are interdependent. Details missed during one step can lead to problems in the next. Mistakes during any of these phases can hurt you financially, cause unnecessary stress, and potentially undermine the long-term vision for your custom home.

Our integrated planning, development, and building process provides superior results. GIS clients appreciate our insight and ability to help with every phase of their project. Our team of experts will handle the details so that nothing is forgotten, helping you avoid undesirable building delays, increased costs, and the headaches typically associated with a custom home construction.

custom home builder

Our Team Uses Sustainable Building Methods To Make Your Custom Home Cost-Effective

During all phases of your project, GIS seeks energy-efficient and ecologically-responsible solutions. Long-term, this saves you money and lessens our imprint on the land. During planning we integrate energy-saving features into the vision for your dream home. Performing extensive onsite analysis of the land during development shows us how we can use the existing landscape to complement your design-build project. When we build, GIS seeks to minimize our environmental impact, preserving the beauty of your natural surroundings. Applying our core knowledge of sustainable building methods allows us to give you the luxury you seek while preserving natural resources.

Trust GIS To Help With All Aspects Of Your Custom Construction Project – Even Deciding Where To Build

Trying to decide where to build? GIS is unique among custom builders in that we also have real estate brokers as part of our team. Choosing where to build requires many decisions. Which neighborhood is best for you? What size lot do you need in order to build the house you’re picturing? Do you want a spectacular view? Our realtors can help you sort through all these considerations. Then, when you find a potential site, GIS will perform a thorough feasibility study. Taking into account governmental and deed restrictions, this study determines if a particular lot is ideal for your dream home.

custom home builder

GIS Offers A Rare Combination Of Services
That Are Ideal For Custom Home Builders

GIS has grown up in this industry – three generations and counting – and have proven ourselves on projects both locally and internationally. We possess the experience and ability to seamlessly integrate the various phases of the construction process and successfully transform an idea into a reality.