Economic Incentives Can Enhance Your Custom Building Plan And Can Often Provide Short And Long-Term Financial Advantages

There are ways to plan and execute your building project that can provide you with additional financial benefits, if you care to take advantage of them. These can include reduced taxes, or financial term upgrades, and more.

Your GIS Building Experts have years of experience in helping people develop homes that take advantage of the available economic incentives that are available. We can guide you through the options and help you fine-tune your plans to incorporate the options that can give you financial incentives.

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When You Allow Us To Help With Land Development, You’ll Get The Benefit Of Our Expertise

The unique capabilities of the GIS International Team are most visible when we are involved in a building project from the very beginning. We achieve the best results when you invite us to start with the development of your land. That way, our team knows precisely what to expect and how to adjust or compensate for the unique characteristics of your building site, including soils, wetlands, protected species, access, and more.

Not All Building Projects Are The Same, And Economic Incentives Can Vary From One Project To The Next – But Here Are Some Examples of Incentives That Exist

We Will Consider Options That May Include The Following:

  1. Examine Potential Closing Costs Incentives: depending on the type of project you are about to undertake, there may be options for you to have some of your closing costs covered. Some closing costs can range between $5,000 to $20,000, so this can be a significant benefit.
  2. Check Whether There Are Incentives That Can Impact Property Taxes: you may be able to find a way to have your property taxes reduced or paid for on a home after it’s sold. This kind of inducement is usually in the range of six to twelve months of taxes.
  3. Look into whether there are incentives we can tap into with your insurance payments: similar to the arrangements that can be made with taxes, some insurances may be willing to pre-pay a homeowners insurance policy for a specified duration of time.
  4. “Free” Upgrades: premium upgrades can include granite countertops, swimming pools, hot tubs, finished basements, and appliances. When offering upgrades on a home, a builder has some options latitude since their cost can be considerably lower than the average homeowner’s.
  5. Cash Discounts / Lower Prices: we may be able to tap into some relationships with suppliers and arrange some kind of discounts for using their products.

At GIS We Will Work With You To Assist You IN Qualifying for Incentives

There are ways to arrange a build, a schedule, or a design and materials in order to qualify for specific financial incentives. buyers that meet certain conditions or qualifications. If home buyers are looking to take advantage of an incentive needs to be prepared to be decisive and move quickly. To qualify for an incentive, a buyer typically is able to:

Close on the home in 30 days or less

Sign a contract to buy a home without any contingencies. For example, the purchase of a home must not be contingent upon the sale of a home the buyer already owns.

Finally, builders are looking for buyers that are pre-qualified or have already obtained pre-approval letters of financing.

Individuals looking for a great deal on a home will be in a much better position to negotiate with a builder if they’re ready to make a move.

Additional Economic Incentives That Your GIS International Team May Advise You To Look For:

Federal, state and local governments are eager to attract new or expanded businesses in their locations and offer a variety of incentives :


Types of Incentives

There are two types of financial incentives that may be appropriate to include with your building structure, including standard and Custom Incentives—are available to help reduce the cost of implementing your energy solutions project. These incentives are offered through participating local power companies in partnership with government entities. The incentives are not designed to subsidize a company that has the ability to overcome internal financial barriers.

Achieving The Highest Build Potential For Your Site Takes Comprehensive Teamwork Among Experts In Multiple Fields

Our ultimate goal is to make the most of your unique build site. As a result, real estate development with GIS includes everything from deciding where you might want to build, to feasibility studies, preparing a project proforma, defining scope and project costs, hiring surveyors or geotechnical consultants when necessary, and coordination with your chosen engineering and custom home or multi-family unit design team.

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