What Does GIS International Do For Multi-Family Building Projects That You Can’t Find Anywhere Else?

Traditional builders, in a sense, have a series of experts that handle each step of the building process. However, these builders and their network of specialists inevitably create problems in the “gaps” between each step – with each phase being handed off to the next contractor, there is always a loss of knowledge and momentum as the project gets handed off again and again, through the chain of well-intentioned but disjointed experts.

At GIS, we employ experts, but our systems are uniquely efficient.  Our process works to ensure that there is a constant stream of communication from start to finish, with our network working in conjunction with one another to ensure that the project benefits fully from the knowledge and expertise of each specialist, and the process goes smoothly.

What you will notice includes:


Our testing, surveying, and due diligence is far more thorough than what typically occurs on a jobsite. This is because we know that if we spend a dollar in preparation, it saves us $10 dollars in planning, and $1,000 in construction.


Instead of disconnected experts handing the baton off to the next expert and moving on to their next project, we bring them together to create a comprehensive plan that works in harmony with your overall goals.


We are known for our efficiency – taking it upon ourselves to ensure that every dollar spent is maximized to the hilt.  This belief and approach extends from the first day to the ongoing operation of the building – with ultra-efficient living as our goal.


GIS buildings are stronger, built better, with maximum outcomes for your investment.  They require less upkeep and are more efficient to operate. They are sleek in their appearance and use of resources, bud ruggedly built, able to ensure and withstand the elements.

Want To Discuss Your Ideas For A New Multi-Family Residence?

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