GIS’s production facility (plant) delivers all of our internal construction projects with the necessary building materials and structural elements.

The plant produces standard reinforced concrete and steel structures, such as:

  • Building structural elements (foundation slabs, piles, foundation blocks, stairs and platforms, bridges squared, wall panels and floor panels)
  • Products for road construction (road slabs and curbs)
  • Products for communications towers (precast concrete panels, blocks and foundations)
  • Products for pipeline construction (counter weight blocks)
  • Products for area improvement (paving and wall tiles, stone walls and fence posts)
  • Metal products and structures
  • Other products (structural concrete and cement)

Additionally, our plant manufactured and successfully implemented a series of fast-panel construction systems called, BSS.GIS. BSS.GIS was developed for installation of buildings through “section by section” assembly. Using this method accelerates building construction, reduces the complexity and allows for the “flexible layouts” of buildings. To date, we’ve built 69 buildings via this method, which has been especially appreciated in the areas of high seismicity and extreme temperature swings (the far North).